Greeting Card Testimonials

Rosalind Meissenheimer: You have a great product. I have been waiting for something like this for a long time. It really is the next best thing to being there. My family lives in South Africa and when they heard my voice on the really blew them away. Thanks Voice Cards.
Dallas, TX

John Alter: I have been traveling lately with my business and forgot to send my wife a gift. When I found your web site on the Internet, I was planning on sending a simple cartoon e-mail card...but after looking at your product, WOW, you really saved me. I called from my cell phone, recorded my voice and the next day my wife was able to hear my personal happy birthday. You made me look really good, thanks Voice Cards.
Miami, FL

David Alvarez: Thank you so much! Your product is simple to use and the results are awesome. I sent a voice card to my grandmother...she is 97 years old and she simply loved to hear my voice and my personal message. She still plays the card when she thinking me...very cool.
Huntington Beach, CA

Anne Randelle: We send business cards to our customers each year, thanking them for their business. While surfing the web I found your web site and decided to try Voice Cards with a handful of customers. We never receive "thank you" cards or even call backs. But with your product each customer that recieved a Voice Card called us back, thanking us for sending them a Voice Card. Next year, we are only sending Voice Cards to our all of our customers.
New York, NY

Kenny Dillany: WOW! You've got a great product. Its simple to use is a high quality recording and card.
Las Vegas, NV

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