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Happy Birthday - Sing (or have kids sing) "Happy Birthday" to Mom, Dad, or Grandparents! Kids will be delighted to hear Grandma and Grandpa's voices. Friends can say happy birthday with humor and love.

Happy Anniversary – "Happy Anniversary Sally and John! We don't know why two people would get married and ruin a perfectly good relationship, but you two have been great examples of why marriage is wonderful . . (or) . .You two have been married so long you probably cannot remember when you weren't married! Congratulations and happy memories. With love, from Kathy and Gary"

Friendship - Jane, I just wanted to tell you how much your friendship means to me. You have been such a great inspiration to me and I really value our relationship. Thanks again for being you and for being such a great friend. With warm personal regards, Bill."


Congratulations - or a job well done . . . promotion . . . new job . . . graduation . . . retirement . . . new baby . . . losing weight . . . big accomplishment . . . important community service . . . etc.

Get Well - " Hi Bill . . . We are holding good thoughts for your speedy recovery. Don't get used to that hospital food and get out of there fast! We miss you here at work. Let us know if you need anything. Best wishes from Marjorie, Jeff, Barbara and Gill."

Thank You - "Joe . . . Devin Johnson here. I just wanted to say thanks for the great work you did on the Jones account! The results we got and the appreciation we received form our client is just marvelous. There just are not enough reliable people like you in this world. It is truly a pleasure to work with you. Thanks again, Joe."

Your Special – "Beth . . . it is not very often that a person gets to have a relationship built on trust and mutual respect. Just being there when I needed you this last week really meant a lot. Please know that you can always count on me to be there for you. Your friend, Sally."

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